Founded in 2012, uPraxis is all about creating cloud-based business tools for the interconnected world.

Initially focussing on the InnovateNow, a next generation Product Management & Innovation tool, the team have set their minds to simplifying payroll in two markets – United Kingdom and the Philippines.


We compete to be the premier cloud product company by creating solutions to real-life business problems. We create exceptional value for our clients with our natural and human approach to software.


What: Bringing the next generation of cloud-based Software to the Enterprise

Mission: To be the leader in innovative software solving the world’s toughest challenges

Why: Enterprise software and services is going through a revolution driven by technological and societal change

Customers: Global reach with local awareness

Brand: Wonderful User Experience and friendly approach to business


Integrity – We act transparently and honestly in what we say and do.

Accountability – We report for our activities, accept responsibility for them and acknowledge the outcomes in a transparent manner.

Diligence – We adopt a careful and persistent approach to what we do.

Discipline – We have created a culture where people understand the importance of obeying the rules and the consequences if they do not.


Our approach to developing products is all about the personas that will use it. We always spend a lot of time in the initial design stages for our products understanding what the persons are in terms of goals, needs and use cases. We constantly refer back to the personas to decide if a feature is worth developing and revising the persona itself if needed. This approach has had significant benefit for us in terms of building highly relevant feature sets for the users of our platforms.


David Bell
Founder and CEO

Meet The Team

Chris Nuñez

Cecile Soriano

Mike Wong

Rommel Alix

Alex Sanchez

Joel Flores

Ren Laydel

Julious Igmen

Rigo Gonzalez

Manilyn Juquina

Diana Rose Alcance

Jean Habana

Rhea Lamsen

Carl Adrian Adap

Jerry Borlagdatan

Egie Oblenida

Jeffrey Moya

John Joseph Sinang

Saeid Savadi

Arvin Joseph Bernardo

Robert Kevin Sebastian

Max Viceral

Ma. Louise Lim

Ella Bañez

Ricky Turqueza

Gian Fonte

Rengel Panes

Laverenti BJ Zamora

Alvin Quiroz

Rhogie Reyes


We are all about open source technologies; the benefits this approach has allowed us to offer amazing features to our customers is truly amazing.

· We use linux as the operating system to host the application stack
· We use MySQL and MongoDB where appropriate to store data.
· The core engine for our application is built on java and java-related technologies including Apache Tomcat, Kestrel, ElasticSearch and Node.js.
· The user part (front end) uses a combination of AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3 and some of the latest techniques to produce inspiring user experiences.
We architect our technology stack with security, data integrity, high availability (fail-over) and scalability in mind. Our cloud based platforms are based in the USA or Europe and we have rigorous procedures in place to ensure that our clients data is always kept safe.


Our corporate headquaters are in Hong Kong and our delivery center is based in Manila, Philippines. We’re currently assessing locations for our offices in Europe and the United States. More details as this becomes available. Get in touch